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Beggar Word Origins

Beggar Word Origins

Lately in many cities, big cities and small towns were not even separated from the more fertile aka beggars beggars. Perhaps because of poverty and lack of employment that makes the appeal, or even forced some of them have passed from generation to generation. Ironic indeed that Shania Twain song say in our country compared to Indonesia pool milk (sangkin fertile).

But unfortunately by the ruler himself was also inherit the properties derived from a number of our ancestors who have a hobby as a beggar, so we also mounting the national debt due to the children and grandchildren they wear.

Is it where most Indonesian people are a hobby like a beggar ..? “It appears that these puzzles have a point as traced from the past, the story is this:

At that time the ruler of the kingdom of Surakarta Sultanate led by a king named Pakubowono X, where the rulers of that time was very generous and fond of handing out alms to the poor who do not haves, especially before Friday afternoon, especially in Thursday.

On Thursday the King Pakubuwono from the palace to the state of his subjects, from the palace to see the Great Mosque, the journey from the gates of the palace to the Grand Mosque are within walking distance of the course through the plaza LOR (Northern square), while certainly walk accompanied by bodyguards of the king, apparently on the road has been hailed by his people when he has a neat row on either side of the road and when he bowed his head as a sign of respect for their leaders.

It was then that the king is not in a position to charity and waste directly given to people in the form of money, without a single missed by sharing habits for a blessing is probably a legacy of the previous rulers (before Pakubowono X) show the place every day practice Thursday (in Javanese language Thursday), reveals as those who expect a blessing on the day Thursday and named as beggars (pronoun for a username / pengharap blessing on the day Thursday) and actor- pelakunyapun called Beggars (Pengharap blessing on Thursday).

But the word beggar seems to have entered one of the Indonesian language vocabulary certainly not the EMIS, but in fact said Thursday (Thursday), appears as beggars beggars less popular with the term, but said the beggar, if decompose and the word In fact EMIS Thursday or perhaps not known in the Indonesian vocabulary, unless he has an extra prefix so that the word “beggar”. As with the word beggar asked for the word that essentially means is obvious, even to stand alone ie without prefix.

So I was the origin of the word or words to close beggars came from Surakarta or Solo

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