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Tips to prevent cervical cancer

Tips to prevent cervical cancer – Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of cells that are not normal. Cervical cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the cervix. Malignant disease was top ranked as the bearer of death. Here are some tips pencegahanya:
1. Stay away from cigarettes
This is the most important warnings for women who smoke, except for cause disease in the lungs and heart, the content of nicotine in cigarettes cause cervical cancer (cervical)
2. Vaginal Washing
Vaginal washing or showering diserviks annoying. Well, excessive irritation and often will stimulate cell changes that ultimately cancer.
3. Sprinkle talk
What often happens, the time of vaginal itching or red-red, you sow the conversation around it. This danger, because the use of speaking in the vagina of women of childbearing age can lead to cancer of the ovaries (ovaries)
4. Low-fat diet
It is important to note, the incidence of cancer was closely linked to a diet. Women who are high in fat, much higher risk of endometrial cancer (uterine body). Because fat produces a hormone estrogen, while the endometrium is often exposed to volatile nature of the hormone estrogen to cancer.
5. Lack of Vitamin C
Lifestyle of high fat foods will make people forget the other nutrients, including beta-carotene, vitamin C, folate and origin. In fact, the absence of these three nutrients cause cervical cancer occur.
6. Early sexual intercourse
Sexual relationships should ideally be done after a person they really mature. The size of maturity is not just seen from his already menstruating or not. But it also depends on the duration of mucosal cells, which diselaput the skin into the body cavity contained.Generally new mucosal cells mature woman after the age of 20 years and older.
7. Multiple sexual partners
Cervical cancer can also appear in women with multiple sexual partners. This is related to kemingkinan contracting venereal disease, a human papilloma virus (HPV).
8. Let marriage
Conversely, women who are not married or too late may be at increased risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer. Therefore, these groups of women continue to ovulate without a break. So no continuous stimulation of the endometrium. The result can make cells in the endometrium, so changed the nature of cancer.
9. Use of estrogen
The same risk will occur in late postmenopausal women. Because stimulation of the endometrium sksn longer, so the endometrium will be more exposed to estrogen. So it’s very possible the cancer occurred.

Tips to prevent cervical cancer

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