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Trick Lazy wake up in the Morning

Trick Lazy wake up in the Morning – what do you do when opening your eyes and wake up in the morning? Most of you will answer lazy to get out of bed. Immediately remove the lazy and stacking spirit in the early hours of open eye with the following appropriate steps.

1. Look Something Colorful
“When your eyes open and see something in color, the adrenaline is triggered and immediately all your energy will be encouraged,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Use bright colors like red, orange or yellow on a pillow, blanket or anything that was near the area mattress when you open your eyes for the first time.

2. Wake up and Look at the Roses
“Seeing a flower roses when waking up, especially for women will improve the mood and spirit that will last all day,” says Nancy Etcoff, PhD, a member of the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard University Mind / Brain / Behavior Initiative.

3. Stop Button Pressed ‘Snooze’ Your Alerts
“When you press the snooze button, your brain knows and will say that the sound was going to die a few minutes, so you will sleep more soundly. But it also means you’ll be more tired of hearing the sound of it than when he heard the sound of it the first time.

“The most appropriate strategy is to set the alarm on the clock where you really will wake up, do not set it early because you know it will only make you more often press the snooze button,” says Jodi Mindell, PhD, of The Sleep Disorders Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

4. Describe your day a moment
When you really wake up, close your eyes for a moment and describe what you would do on that day with great spirit and positive. “Imagine the next activity will stimulate the brain to think and you’ll try to make it happen when it is really on the move,” says Dana Lightman, PhD, a psychologist dai Abington, PA.

5. Drink Water Immediately After the Wake
Drinking a glass of water immediately after waking is a good way to replace body fluids that reduced semalamnya. “Everything that happens in the body require water. Without enough water, the body’s metabolic system will work harder which can lead to a weakened organ function,” says Holly Andersen, MD, an assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

6. Let the Sun Go Rays
Sunlight touches the skin will make you more awake. Read the newspaper near the window or go out for coffee just a few minutes.

“The light of morning that comes into the body like a biological clock that will stop the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that makes people drowsy and increase the hormone serotonin which triggers one’s mood” said James B. Maas, PhD, a professor of psychology at Cornell University.

7. Give a little massage on face
Massaging the area around the face will improve blood circulation and accelerate the awakening. Start massaging from the forehead, cheek, hit-hit with the palm of the hand, then the chin area and eventually across the face. In addition to improving blood circulation, massage movement can make you glow quickly.

8. Play Slightly
Physical activity is a powerful way to get rid of lazy. “Having sex in the morning for example, can improve your mood because of some hormones will be out, like a stamina-enhancing hormone (testosterone), energy (dopamine) and tranquility (oxytocin),” said Helen E. Fisher, PhD, an anthropologist from Rutgers University. Trick Lazy wake up in the Morning

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