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The important points in the search for scholarships abroad

search for scholarships – First, strong desire, if my friends already have them be thankful because half the energy requirements of my friends already have. ^ _ ^

second TOEFL / IELTS must already exceed the specified requirements. If my friends still do not, then immediately follow the TOEFL / IELTS so that the opportunity to get a scholarship large enough.

Third, the GPA must be above 3.0. to increase opportunities, but even if GPA less than 3.0 do not be discouraged maybe my friends can rely on the writings of many, a strong influence to the surrounding community, and CV / Resume strong.

Fourth, experience, good organization

Fifth, prepare a “statement of purpose” is strong. Remember, a specific statement of purpose in nature, meaning that my friends have to make a SoP for each scholarship application that you are applying. It may resemble, but do not get exactly the same.

Sixth, learn as much about the campus that will tmen’s apartment selected. If you can contact professor there, or alumni who have lived in the city or country where the campus, so we know how the culture there. Sometimes it is hard to predict test interview.

Seventh, create a format CV / Resume systematic. My friends can see examples on the internet. my friends should write it the essentials only (not long-winded).

search for scholarships Hopefully useful. ^ _ ^

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