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How to care Flashdrive

How to care Flashdrive – Here are ten  how to care for your pet Flashdrive. These tips are useful for securing your important data stored in the flash and also helps keep your wallet healthy.

1. Keep away from strong magnetic fields. Electronic goods such as TVs and mobile phones is not good for flash. For that you should never store it near similar items that have a large magnetic force. Sometimes we often forget when putting the flash and mobile phones at the same place in the bag. Well, from this highly if you want to flash you live long, not again put in the same place.

2. Do not get wet. Although there are some flash manufacturers who claim that their products waterproof (water resistant), the flash away from touching the water still be the safest move. Instead the data is missing or damaged its flash, so better do not risk to this.

3. Virus scanning. At the time of data collection or transfer data from PC to flash, it is possible not only the data that follow to move, but also the viruses on the computer. Especially when we take and store data from the internet, the flash can be filled with viruses that are very disturbing. So do not forget doing a virus scan regularly with antivirus software the most recent.

4. Perform the eject and stop. Always do the eject and stop before removing the flash from a usb port on your computer. In addition you can make flash broken physically, does not eject and stop process can also affect the damage to the existing data in it.

5. Keep away from hot areas. All electronic items are no exception flash is very vulnerable to a hot name, especially if exposed to direct sun. So try not store in hot areas and direct sunlight, for example, leave the flash in the car.

6. Avoid the hard collision. Flash that hard impact, like falling over and over again have a great risk for data loss or will suffer physical damage. So be careful not to hold it in place of a hard fall.

7. Try to keep it closed. The air and our environment is full of dirt and dust. If flash is dirty then we can lead the process of reading and writing often fails. Therefore, when not in use, try to keep it closed so as not dirty.

8. Minimize process to remove write (write and delete). Just like us, the flash also has age. This means that one day we can flash dead and can not be used again. Age flash vary, depending on the quality of the flash itself. Usually the flash age between 10,000 to 100,000 times the process of writing clear. So try to minimize the process and also do not do editing directly from the flash. Or if you have a lot of data and want to copy the data into the flash, better data are compressed into one in advance using an existing program such as Winzip, WinRar, or other similar programs.

9. Put a hanger such as key chains on your flash. This is very useful so do not forget where you do not keep them, because of its relatively small. Also useful for helping hand in holding the flash that size is very small.

10. Do not place the flash under heavy objects such as books, bags and so on because it will be physical damage from the flash. How to care Flashdrive

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