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7 ways to improve the sharpness Fun Brain

7 ways to improve the sharpness Fun Brain – Maximal brain works that certainly helps you in work. So, your task is actually not only get the job done well every day. You also need to maintain the functions and workings of the brain in order to remain creative and productive in the office.
Because the function and workings of the brain can decrease. For example, you become easy to forget, less careful and conscientious, and experienced a variety of symptoms that arise due to lack of brain supplements. Talking brain food, you do not need to rely on drugs or chemicals. Here are seven simple ways that can make healthy sharpen your brain and helps you be productive in the office:  7 ways to improve the sharpness Fun Brain

1. Sports
How often you are reminded to exercise? Appeal, chat, until the urge to exercise of course often times you hear. However, have run on a regular basis?
“Physical exercise into the best ways to maintain cognitive function to compensate for your age,” said Fred H. Gage, PhD.
A statement from a professor who also neurodegenerative disease specialist at the Salk Institute, La Jolla, California, has become one of the only reference to the importance of sports. Research conducted Gage shows, exercise can significantly increase blood flow to the hippocampus. Hippocampus is part of the cerebrum which is located in the temporal lobe. This part of the brain produce new cells that help the growth and improvement of one’s mental.

2. Imitate the way the Greeks eat
If you want to keep your brain working well, with the intelligence to think as a result, watch your nutrition and diet like the way the Greeks.
The Greeks has long applied a Mediterranean-style diet. Naturally, if a lot of philosophers with high intelligence born from Greece. Mediterranean diet means you eat fruits and vegetables are high in good fats such as olive oil, and reduce consumption of salt and red meat.
Those who undergo the Mediterranean diet reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease, with a rate 40 percent lower risk. Thus stated in a research report from Columbia University. Other studies mentioned, this Mediterranean diet also reduces the risk of memory loss. The experts claim, the diet has the power as an antioxidant that can fight inflammation.

3. Adventure
Adventure Make a trip to different cities or countries you’ve never singgahi. Mingle and learn new foreign culture or could encourage individuals to become more creative. A study showed, those who live abroad have a much better ability in creative work, such as drawing, writing, and also more capable in solving problems.
“They are required to always learn from simple things,” said study author, William W. Maddux, PhD, who is also assistant professor of organizational behavior in business school in Fountainbleu, France.
For example, continued Maddux, leaving food habits in the United States is considered an insult, but unlike in China, it is considered polite. “The ability to see things from different sides and different perspectives, encourage us to improve the creativity,” said Maddux.
Adventure not have to settle abroad. Learning foreign languages ​​and became a land of culinary experts could also be another option to develop themselves.

4. Keeping body fat
What relation to body mass index (body mass index) with a working brain? It felt strange, even impressed link the course. However, a study shows link between body fat is a risk of memory decline for women, which in turn reduce productivity.
“Fat release of cytokines (molecules that help trigger the immune system response-RED). This substance produces hormones that harm nerve cells,” explained study author, Diana R Kerwin, MD, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

5. Sleep properly
Your body needs an adequate supply of energy to be able to perform productive. To ensure abundant energy supplies, go to sleep 7-8 hours every night.
Never force yourself to work without adequate rest. Because if you constantly do not give time to sleep well at night, tomorrow morning, you will lose focus, and unable to think rationally. From now on, give your body the right to sleep at night is better again.

6. Make it fun
Do something new that challenges to improve your skills. As a hobby climbing, or other new exciting things. This exciting new habit and can create new neural pathways to the brain. That way, your mind stay sharp every time. The key, select the event or just a fun hobby. Do not make a new hobby that will only make you depressed.
“The more you enjoy an activity, you are encouraged to continue to live,”said Yaakov Stern, PhD, professor of clinical neuropsychology at Columbia University.

7. Limit and conquer your work
Multitasking has become a job description that can be experienced by anyone today. However, despite successfully completed several jobs at once, the result likely would not be maximal. Quality of work may decline if you do things that had nothing to do with jobs at a time. 7 ways to improve the sharpness Fun Brain

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